COUNT BASIE
              At Newport

                 Recording Date:
                          July 7, 1957

                      John Hammond Intro
                      Count Basie      O,P
                      Roy Eldridge    TP
                      Jimmy Rushing  Vo
                      Frank Wess   FL,TS  
                      Joe Williams     Vo
                      Lester Young    TS
                      Henry Coker    TB
                     Wendell Culley  TP 

 Frank Foster      TS
 Charlie Fowlkes BS
 Bill Graham        AS 
 Freddie Green   G,P  
 Bill Hughes         TB 
 Illinois Jacquet    TS 
 Ed Jones             B
 Eddie Jones         B 
 Jo Jones              D 
 Reunald Jones     TP 
 Thad Jones          TP 
 Joe Newman       TP
 Sonny Payne       D 
 Benny Powell     TB 
 Marshall Royal   CL,AS 


Review by Scott Yanow
At the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival, the music was consistently inspired and often historic. Count Basie welcomed back tenor great Lester Young and singer Jimmy Rushing for part of a very memorable set highlighted by "Boogie Woogie" and "Evenin'"; Young plays beautifully throughout and Rushing is in prime form. An exciting full-length version of "One O'Clock Jump" features Young, Illinois Jacquet, and trumpeter Roy Eldridge; the Basie band stretches out on "Swingin' at Newport"; and five previously unreleased selections (put out for the first time on this CD) include four Joe Williams vocals. It's a great set of music.

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