SONNY CRISS
               Go Man!

               Recording Date:
                     July 10, 1956

                    Sonny Criss          AS
                    Sonny Clark          P
                    Leroy Vinnegar     B
                    Lawrence Marable D


Review by Lee Bloom
By the mid-'50s, William "Sonny" Criss was maturing as a significant voice on the alto saxophone. Heavily influenced by Charlie Parker, much of Criss' earlier output was plagued by a hurried time feel, awkward phrasing and an uncomfortably tense vibrato. Go Man!, one of three dates he did for the Imperial label, showcases a confident, energetic Criss on ten standard tunes and two original lines. This hard-to-find collection is a must-have for fans of pianist Sonny Clark, heard in fine form (a bit more aggresive and "on top of the beat" than usual) along with the very coherent team of bassist Leroy Vinnegar and drummer Lawrence Marable. Only 24 years old at the time of recording, Clark had recently settled in California and was establishing himself as an inspired accompanist and soloist with the groups of Buddy DeFranco and Howard Rumsey. Clark's piano introduces nearly every cut on this recording, and his crisp, inventive soloing is a perfect compliment for Criss' brightly expressive, lightening quick lines. Overall, a lively assortment of concisely rendered, boppish treatments.

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