ELVIN JONES
        At This Point in Time

            Recording Date: 
                 July 24-26, 1973

                 Gene Perla         B
                 Warren Smith     Tym
                 Candido Camero  CG
                 Omar Clay          Per 
                 Cornell Dupree    G
                 Frank Foster       SS,TS
                 Pepper Adams    BS
                Jan Hammer        Syn,P
                Elvin Jones          D
                  Steve Grossman  S,TS


Amazon.com reviewer:
At This Point in Time is certainly Elvin's most experimental and probably most unsung album of all time. While most of his albums are wonderful and feature Elvin doing music in his Coltrane-period jazz style (although a little bit more straight ahead than most of the stuff he did with Trane) this particular album features intricate, percussion heavy compositions with harmonically-rich horn arrangments and some wonderful moog synth and fender rhodes work by Jan Hammer. I wouldn't exactly call the music fusion or free jazz (if only because it doesn't really have a funk or a rock edge to it and there aren't any freakout skronk moments) however a better term may be world jazz. The song structures feature a lot of African and Afro-Cuban style percussion along with some beautiful, catchy, modal-based melodies and some amazing drum solos. Probably the most interesting music of Elvin's career. Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately if you like Elvin, or if you are a fan of different and good jazz-based music. A real gem!

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