PHIL WOODS  

               Recording Date
                    July 19, 1957

                    Ray Copeland TP 
                    Red Garland  P
                    Teddy Kotick B
                    Nick Stabulas D 
                    Phil Woods   A


Review by Scott Yanow
This CD from Fantasy's Original Jazz Classics series is essentially a bebop jam session. The quintet (altoist Phil Woods, trumpeter Ray Copeland, pianist Red Garland, bassist Teddy Kotick and drummer Nick Stabulas) performs three Charlie Parker compositions and three originals by Woods, but the melodies are quickly discarded in favor of heated solos. Woods and the greatly underrated Copeland work together very well, and Garland is a major asset both as a soloist and as an accompanist to the horns. This little-known date is quite enjoyable.

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