TONY SCOTT
      The Touch of Tony

         Recording Date:
            July 2, 1956 tk 1,4,7,10
            July 3, 1956 tk 12
            July 5, 1956 tk 3,5,9
            July 6, 1956 tk 2,6,8,11

            Tony Scott        CL
            Zoot Sims          TS
            Bill Evans           P
            Milt Hinton         B
            Osie Johnson     D
            Barry Galbraith  G  tk 3,5,9


Review by Scott Yanow

This rare set features the cool-toned clarinetist Tony Scott with a big band on five numbers, heading a ten-piece band for three others and jamming with a quartet that also features the young pianist Bill Evans on the four remaining songs. The songs range from swing standards and the tongue-in-cheek "Rock Me But Don't Roll Me" to "Aeolian Drinking Song" and an original titled "Vanilla Frosting On A Beef Pie." Musically, the performances are pretty modern for the period while never failing to swing. This LP is well worth searching for, as are most of Tony Scott's recordings of the 1950s.  He experimented with several formats that shunned the ruling styles. An Orchestra consisting of members of Count Basie's and Duke Ellington's orchestras plus a rhythm section with pianist Bill Evans, Hinton and Green, recorded The Touch (july 1956).

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