SONNY ROLLINS
     All the Things You Are
           Recording Date:
                July 15, 1963 tk 1,2,5
                July 18, 1963 tk 3-4

                Coleman Hawkins TS
                Sonny Rollins      TS
                Paul Bley            P
                Roy McCurdy       D
                Bob Cranshaw     B tk 1,2,5
                Henry Grimes      B tk 3-4


Review by Scott Yanow
Half of this CD contains the famous session on which Sonny Rollins teamed up with his idol, the great tenor Coleman Hawkins. Actually the competitive Rollins did everything he could during these performances to throw Hawk off with plenty of sound explorations and free playing but Hawkins keeps from getting lost and battles Rollins to a tie; pianist Paul Bley plays well too. The remainder of this CD (three selections apiece from the former LPs Now's the Time and The Standard Sonny Rollins) is more conventional but has its moments of interest. The young Herbie Hancock is on piano for all of these tracks and guitarist Jim Hall helps on "Trav'lin Light." Rollins's RCA recordings of the 1960s are all worth picking up even though they are currently being reissued in piecemeal fashion.

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