SUN RA
        Mayan Temples

              Recording Date:
                    July 24-25, 1990

                Sun Ra              P,SYN

                Michael Ray      TP
                Ahmed Abdullah TP
                Tyrone Hill        TB

                Marshall Allen     AS,FL
                Noel Scott         AS
                John Gilmore     TS,Tim
                James Jacson     BSN,D


Ronald Wilson      TS
Carl LeBlanc        G
Jothan Callins      B
Clifford Barbaro   D

Earl "Buster" SmithD
Ron McBee           CG
Jorge Silva           Per
Elson Nascimento  Surdo
June Tyson           Vo


Reviewby Scott Yanow
One of the finest Sun Ra recordings from his final years, this effort is particularly recommended due to the many Ra keyboard solos and John Gilmore features, the latter of which include a tenor showcase on "Opus In Springtime." Trumpeters Michael Ray and Ahmed Abdullah, altoist Marshall Allen and singer June Tyson also have their spots, and the repertoire consists of ten Ra originals (including a remake of "El Is the Sound of Joy") and three standard ballads. Overall, this is a fine all-around studio set. Recommended.

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