JIMMY SMITH
              Cool Blues

              Recording Date:
                  Smalls' Paradise, NYC
                  April 7, 1958

                 Donald Bailey      D  tk5
                 Art Blakey           D 
                 Tina Brooks        TS 
                 Lou Donaldson     AS 
                 Eddie McFadden  G 
                 Jimmy Smith       O

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Review by Scott Yanow
This CD should greatly interest all Jimmy Smith collectors, including those who already have the original LP. In addition to four excellent selections (quintets with altoist Lou Donaldson, Tina Brooks on tenor, guitarist Eddie McFadden, either Art Blakey or Donald Bailey on drums and the organist/leader), there are three previously unissued numbers from the same gig, featuring the quartet of Donaldson, Smith, McFadden and Bailey. The repertoire is filled with blues and bop standards and the soloing is at a consistently high and hard-swinging level. Jimmy Smith fans will be pleased.

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