BUD POWELL
                At The Golden Circle v1-2
               Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm
                   April 19, 1962

                    Bud Powell                 P
                    Torbjorn Hultcrantz   B
                    Sune Spangberg         D


Review by Scott Yanow
Bud Powell sounds as if he enjoyed his engagement at the Golden Circle in Stockholm, Sweden. Five CDs have been released from two of his nights at the club and they find him playing in generally good form. Accompanied by a couple of local musicians (bassist Torbjorn Hultcrantz and drummer Sune Spångberg), Powell on the first volume is at his best on "Move," "Relaxin' at Camarillo" and an emotional "I Remember Clifford"; two of the other three songs are brief sketches that are under two minutes long. None of the sets are essential (the first volume clocks in at just 33 minutes) but they will easily be enjoyed by Bud Powell fans. [Steeplechase reissued At the Golden Circle, Vol. 1 on CD in 1995 and included a bonus track: a ten-plus minute read of Barney Kessel's "Swedish Pastry."]

The second of five CDs taken from a gig by Bud Powell in Stockholm in which he was joined by a pair of obscure local players (bassist Torbjorn Hultcrantz and drummer Sune Spangberg) has its strong moments. Highlights include Thelonious Monk's "Hackensack," "Moose the Mooche," "Star Eyes" and particularly a 15-minute version of Oscar Pettiford's "Blues in the Closet." The entire series is worth picking up by listeners who enjoy bop-based piano; Powell is generally in fine form.

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