CHARLIE PARKER
           Happy Bird session
                Recording Date:
                    April 12, 1951
                    Christy's Restaurant,
                   Howard McGhee  TP
                   Charlie Parker     AS
                   Bill Wellington     AS tk1
                   Wardell Gray       TS
                   Nat Pierce           P
                  Jack Lawlor          B
                  Joe MacDonald     D

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1. Lullaby In Rhythm 
2. Scrapple From The Apple 
3. Happy Bird Blues 

The weak recording quality hurts this album a bit but it does offer extended performances of "Scrapple from the Apple" (over 15 minutes), "I Remember April" and "Lullaby in Rhythm" (mislabelled "I May Be Wrong") in addition to a short blues. These jam sessions, in addition to altoist Charlie Parker, feature solos from tenor-saxophonist Wardell Gray, pianist Dick Twardzik and trumpeter Benny Harris; bassist Charles Mingus and drummer Roy Haynes are fine in support. Not essential music but recommended if seen at a budget price. ~ Scott Yanow

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