JOSHUA REDMAN
          Freedom in the Groove
               Recording Date: 
                   April 10-13, 1996

                   Peter Bernstein      G
                   Brian Blade             D 
                   Peter Martin           P 
                  Joshua Redman   AS,SS,TS 
                  Christopher Thomas B  

              LINK RETIRED

Review by Leo Stanley
As the title suggests, Joshua Redman explores new rhythmic territory on Freedom in the Groove. Abandoning the traditional hard bop that has dominated his past recordings, Redman attempts to work himself into hip-hop and urban dance rhythms, which results in an occasionally intriguing but often frustrating album. Occasionally, the fusions work, with Redman contributing sympathetic, graceful licks to the gently insistent rhythms. Too often, the record sounds forced and stilted, which is unfortunate, since jazz/hip-hop fusion need a musician of Redman's caliber to make it credible in the jazz world.

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