ART BLAKEY
         The Jazz Messengers

                Recording Date:
                    April 5, 1956 tk 1-2, 5-6, 9-10
                    May  4, 1956 tk  4, 7-8

                    Donald Byrd    TP
                    Hank Mobley   TS
                    Horace Silver  P
                    Doug Watkins  B
                    Art Blakey       D

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Review by Scott Yanow
This CD reissue brings back the music on the earlier LP titled Art Blakey with the Original Jazz Messengers, plus five other selections (just one of which is an alternate) from the same two sessions that were formerly out on imported sets; "Deciphering the Message" was previously unreleased altogether. These were the last recordings by the Art Blakey-Horace Silver Jazz Messengers before pianist Silver went out on his own and the first edition disbanded. Trumpeter Donald Byrd, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, and bassist Doug Watkins (along with Silver and Blakey) are in excellent form. Silver's "Nica's Dream" is heard here in the original version, and the band is typically hard-swinging throughout the 76-minute-plus program.

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