CECIL TAYLOR
                 Cell Walk For Celeste

                       Recording Date:
                            January 9, 1961
                             Dennis Charles    D
                             Charles Davis      BS
                             Billy Higgins        D
                             Steve Lacy         SS
                             Buell Neidlinger  B
                             Roswell Rudd      TB
                             Archie Shepp      TS
                             Cecil Taylor        P
                             Clark Terry         T

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Originally released in 1961, this album allows the listener a fascinating insight into the inner workings of pianist Cecil Taylor's burgeoning talent almost half a century ago. "Cell Walk For Celeste" features Archie Shepp on all tracks, including a duet with Buell Neidlinger. The octet track "Jumpin' Punkins" shows that Taylor was not only an arranger who stayed loyal to a successful chart, but also an individual who kept the basics of his solos intact in later renditions. There is literally no difference in the playing time of the two takes of this tune, and both Steve Lacy and Clark Terry take solos that are similar in design and are realized with the same attention to creative direction Taylor has been the guru presiding over a unique branch of jazz. Cell Walk for Celeste is an album by Cecil Taylor recorded for the Candid label in January 1961 but not released until 1988. The album features performances by Taylor with Archie Shepp, Buell Neidlinger and Denis Charles. Additional recordings from these sessions were released on New York City R&B in 1971 and Jumpin' Punkins in 1987.

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