DON BYAS

                       Recording Dates:
                            January 13-14, 1963

                           Bent Axen                     P
                           Don Byas                      TS
                           Niels-Henning Pedersen  B
                           William Schiopffe          D

                         LINK Retired

Review by Scott Yanow
The second of two CDs taken from the same appearances at the Montmartre in Copenhagen as A Night in Tunisia, this release showcases the masterful (if underrated) tenor Don Byas in a quartet with pianist Ben Axen, bassist Niels Pedersen and drummer William Schiopffe. Byas was always a powerful player and he digs into such songs as "There'll Never Be Another You," "Billie's Bounce" and "All the Things You Are," coming up with exciting and consistently inventive ideas. All jazz collections should have at least a couple of Don Byas albums.

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