JIMMY SMITH
                      Angel Eyes

                    Recording Date
                        January 25-26, 1995

                        Roy Hargrove           TP, FLH
                        Gregory Hutchinson   D 
                        Damon Krukowski      Per, D 
                        Christian McBride      B 
                        Nicholas Payton        TP 
                        Jimmy Smith             O 
                        Mark Whitfield          G

                   LINK Retired

Review by Scott Yanow
A follow-up to the mostly heated performances of Damn!, this CD features organist Jimmy Smith sticking to ballads and slower material. There is a sextet rendition of "Stolen Moments" (with both Roy Hargrove and Nicholas Payton on trumpets); duets with both trumpeters, bassist Christian McBride, and guitarist Mark Whitfield; a trio; a quartet; and solo organ renditions of "Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?" and "What a Wonderful World." Despite the constant changing of instrumentation, the results (although pleasant) are uneventful and somewhat predictable. Good for late-night background music rather than for close listening.

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