MILES DAVIS
            Birth of the Cool Session

                     Recording Date:
                         January 21, 1949

                         Miles Davis         TP
                         J.J. Johnson       TB
                         Sandy Siegelstein FH
                         Bill Barber          TU
                         Lee Konitz          AS
                         Gerry Mulligan     BS
                         John Lewis         P
                         Nelson Boyd        B
                         Kenny Clarke       D

                    LINK Retired

3395-3E Jeru Capitol 57-60005, H 459, T 792 
3396-3D Move Capitol 15404, T 792 
3397-2E Godchild Capitol 57-60005, H 459, T 792 
3398-1D Hallucinations (Budo) Capitol 15404, T 792

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