RAY BROWN
            All-Star Big Band

            Recording Date:
              January 22, 1963  tk 3,7,9
              January 23, 1963  tk 1-2,4-6,8

                 Nat Adderley, Joe Newman,
                 Ernie Royal, Clark Terry          TP
                 Cannonball Adderley                AS
                 Earl Warren                           AS
                 Budd Johnson, Seldon Powell    TS
                 Yusef Lateef                      TS,FL        
                 Jerome Richardson                 VB 
                 Hank Jones                            P
                 Ray Brown                             CE 
                 Sam Jones                             B
                 Osie Davis                              D
                 Jimmy Cleveland                     TB
                 Paul Faulise                            TB
                 Melba Liston                           TB
                 Britt Woodman                       TB        

               LINK Retired

This album teams two of the most talented and most popular jazz musicians in modern music. Cannonball Adderley is an artist of fire and startling rhythmic excitement. He is a player who has captured the imagination bf modern jazz fans. Ray Brown is the backbone of the Oscar Peterson Trio; a bass soloist and rhythm player of indisputable talent energy and creative ability. On this album, Brown not only shows his talent on his major instrument, the bass, but on cello as well. He plays cello on My One And Only Love, the title tune Two For The Blues and Baubles, Bangles And Beads. On these tunes, Hank Jones plays bass behind Ray's cello.

A standout session from bassist Ray Brown -- one of a few 60s big band sessions recorded for Verve, featuring some searing solo work from Cannonball Adderley! Brown's name as a leader is possibly more as a compadre than the main driving force of the record -- as the arrangements here are by Ernie Wilkins, often in the tightly soulful bag he was laying down at the time -- and Adderley's presence as the main soloist certainly gives a Cannonball flair to the record. But there's definitely plenty of Brown's warmth guiding the whole session -- and other players include Nat Adderley, Clark Terry, Melba Liston, Budd Johnson, and Yusef Lateef. Some tracks have Brown's bass right out front in the arrangements, dipping nicely and adding into the groove -- and titles include "Tricotism", "Cannon Built", "Thumbstring", "Two For The Blues", and "Work Song".

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