Recording Date:
                     January 24, 1964

                     Kenny Burrell         G 
                     Bob Cranshaw        B   
                     Otis Finch              D 
                     Shirley Scott          O 
                     Stanley Turrentine  TS 

                  LINK Retired

Review by Scott Yanow
This is a typically excellent recording from the husband-wife team of tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine and organist Shirley Scott. With assistance from guitarist Kenny Burrell, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Otis Finch, Turrentine (who always had the skill of playing melodies fairly straight but with his own brand of soul) and Scott dig into "Love Letters," Lloyd Price's "Trouble," "Something Happens to Me," a couple of basic originals, and "Goin' Home." The Turrentine-Scott team never made an unworthy disc; all are easily recommended, including this one.

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