One with the Wind

        Recording Date:
            September 3, 1993

            Hannibal Peterson  TP
            Joe Ford            AS,SS
            Michael Cochrane   P
            Lonnie Plaxico        B
            Jeff Haynes          Per
            Cecil Brooks III        D


Review by Scott Yanow
Sessions led by the flexible avant-garde trumpeter Marvin Peterson are so infrequent that they tend to be special events. This set matches Peterson with Joe Ford (doubling on alto and soprano), pianist Michael Cochrane, bassist Lonnie Plaxico, drummer Cecil Brooks III and percussionist Jeff Haynes. Hannibal somehow makes "God Bless the Child" and "Misty" sound fresh; his diverse originals often utilize strong melodies, and the post-bop date contains plenty of exciting moments along with bits of variety. One of Peterson's best blowing dates. ~

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