Leroy Walks

          Recording Date:
             July, 15, 1957  tk 1,4
             Sept 16, 1957 tk 3,5,6
             Sept 23, 1957 tk 2,7

            Gerald Wilson     TP
            Teddy Edwards   TS
            Victor Feldman   VB
            Carl Perkins        P
            Leroy Vinnegar    B
            Tony Bazley        D


Review by Scott Yanow
On this reissue CD of a Contemporary set (bassist Leroy Vinnegar's first as a leader), six of the seven songs have the word "walk" in their title, including "Would You Like to Take a Walk," "Walkin' My Baby Back Home," "I'll Walk Alone," and Vinnegar's original "Walk On." Vinnegar actually does not take much solo space and generously features his talented sidemen: vibraphonist Victor Feldman, trumpeter Gerald Wilson, tenor saxophonist Teddy Edwards, pianist Carl Perkins, and drummer Tony Bazley. A fine, straight-ahead session.

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