CHET BAKER
          Lighthouse Club

             Recording Date:
                  September 13, 1953

                 Chet Baker         TP
                 Russ Freeman     P tk 1-3
                 Howard Ramsey  B 
                 Max Roach          D
                 Miles Davis       TP tk 7-9
                 Rolf Ericson         TP
                 Bud Shank           AS
                 Bob Cooper         TS
                 Lorraine Geller     P


Review by Scott Yanow
This set has odds and ends recorded at the Lighthouse on a Sunday when Miles Davis was in town. He jams with the regular sextet (which included trumpeter Rolf Ericson, altoist Bud Shank, Bob Cooper on tenor and drummer Max Roach) on two numbers and has "'Round Midnight" as his feature. Max Roach takes "Drum Conversation" unaccompanied and trumpeter Chet Baker plays "At Last" with pianist Russ Freeman. The recording quality is merely okay but the viable and occasionally exciting historical music makes this a set worth picking up.

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