MAX ROACH
                   It's Time

                 Recording Date:
                     February 27, 1962

                     Clifford Jordan     AS
                     Richard Williams   TP
                     Julian Priester      TB
                     Mal Waldron         P
                     Art Davis              B
                     Max Roach            D
                     Earl Baker            VO 
                     Abbey Lincoln       VO
                     Coleridge Perkinson CGA

            LINK Retired

This Max Roach date had been out-of-print for around 30 years when it was finally reissued on CD by Impulse in 1996. An unusual set, this outing featured the drummer's all-star sextet (which consisted of trumpeter Richard Williams, tenor-saxophonist Clifford Jordan, trombonist Julian Priester, pianist Mal Waldron and bassist Art Davis) joined by a vocal choir conducted by Coleridge Perkinson and orchestrated by Roach (who contributed all six originals). Unlike most other collaborations, the choir was not overly gospel-oriented and was utilized as a sort-of jazz ensemble. Each of the horns has a feature or two and singer Abbey Lincoln stars on "Lonesome Lover." But despite the sincerity of this effort, there are times when one wishes the choir would leave altogether and let the quintet really stretch out.

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