CHARLIE PARKER
                   C.P. MacGregor Studios, CA

                   February 26, 1947
                       Howard McGhee   TP
                       Charlie Parker      AS
                       Wardell Gray        TS
                       Dodo Marmarosa   P
                       Barney Kessel       G
                       Red Callender       B
                       Don Lamond         D

              1. Relaxin' at Camarillo
              2. Cheers
              3. Carvin' the Bird
              4. Stupendous

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Charlie Parker
"Royal Roost", NYC

February 26, 1949
    Kenny Dorham     TP
    Charlie Parker     AS
    Lucky Thompson  TS
    Milt Jackson        VB
    Al Haig                P
    Tommy Potter     B
    Max Roach          D
    Dave Lambert     VO
    Buddy Stewart    VO

1. Half Nelson
2. Night in Tunisia, A
3. Scrapple from the Apple
4. Deedle

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