WALLACE RONEY
         The Wallace Roney Quintet

                 Recording Date:
                     February 20-22, 1995

                    Wallace Roney    TP
                    Carlos McKinney  P
                    Antoine Roney    TS
                    Clarence Seay     B
                    Eric Allen            D

                 LINK Retired

Trumpeter Wallace Roney's work is often linked to that of Miles Davis, and there's an undeniable resemblance in his sparse lines, carefully placed notes, and concentrated sense of expression. It's a positive resemblance, though, and one that's been endorsed by Davis himself and by close associates like Herbie Hancock and Gerry Mulligan. Here he's heard to excellent effect in his regular working band, with his brother Antoine, a rapidly developing player on tenor saxophone, and strong support from pianist Carlos McKinney, bassist Clarence Seay, and the potent drummer Eric Allen. It's a powerful, modally based music, filled with darkly murmuring lines and an emotional force that's too rare among the more conservative wing of contemporary players. --Stuart Broomer

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