DAVE BRUBECK
                            Recording Date:
                                February 1957
                                Paul Desmond      AS
                                David Van Kreidt  TS
                                Dave Brubeck       P
                                Norman Bates       B
                               Joe Morello           D

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Review by Scott Yanow
Tenor-saxophonist Dave Van Kreidt, a former member of Dave Brubeck's octet in the late '40s, had a reunion with the pianist, altoist Paul Desmond and bassist Bob Bates for this unusual session; Brubeck's new drummer Joe Morello made the group a quintet. Van Kreidt supplied all of the compositions (some of which are fairly complex), giving this set a sound very much different than the usual Brubeck Quartet outing. Interesting if not essential classical-influenced music that predates the Third Stream movement.

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