BENNY CARTER
        Carter, Gillespie, Inc

                Recording Date:
                    April 27, 1976

                   Tommy Flanagan  P
                   Dizzy Gillespie     TP
                   Joe Pass              G
                   Al McKibbon         B
                   Benny Carter        AS  
                   Mickey Roker       D, Vo


Review by Scott Yanow

Although they were from different musical generations (Benny Carter was born ten years before Dizzy Gillespie), it is little wonder that the swing altoist and the bop trumpeter could match up so well on this sextet session; they were quite compatible. Surprisingly, the material they chose to perform could have been better (there is only one Carter composition among the six songs) but on "Broadway" and "A Night in Tunisia," the two veteran hornmen (along with pianist Tommy Flanagan and guitarist Joe Pass) sound at their best.

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