KENNY DORHAM
                    Una Mas

                     Recording Date:
                          April 1, 1963

                          Kenny Dorham    TP
                          Joe Henderson   TS
                          Herbie Hancock  P
                          Butch Warren     B
                          Tony Williams    D


1963 was a very good year for Kenny Dorham. He had just returned from a trip to South America where he'd been studying the bossa nova, he formed a new musical partnership with tenor sax man Joe Henderson, and he released his finest album, Una Mas. This was the first in a series of sessions that would pair the two musicians. Henderson's robust sound was the perfect counterpart to Dorham's more subtle approach. The album's 15-minute title track was originally recorded in 1961 with a shuffle beat. This version is much more exciting. Dorham and Henderson both turn in stunning solos. "Una Mas" marked the first time Dorham had the chance to stretch out like this. His trumpet sound was full of emotion. Only Miles poured more emotion into his solos. The rest of the quintet--Butch Warren on the bass, a precocious 17-year-old named Tony Williams on drums, and another youngster named Herbie Hancock on piano--were just as spectacular. The bonus track, a touching rendition of "If I Would Ever Leave You" was left off the original album because it didn't fit in with the feel of other tunes. Although Una Mas is a short disc (under 37 minutes with the bonus track), this is a classic case of quality over quantity. No one ever complained about the running time--the music is that good. Rudy Van Gelder recently remastered this classic album in the latest batch of Blue Note's RVG Editions. The sound quality is improved, and the booklet includes new liner notes and photos from the recording sessions. Even if you already have a copy of the CD, this new RVG version is a must have for all jazz fans.

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