ANTONIO FARAO

                    Recording Date: 
                        April 19-20, 2000

                        Antonio Faraò       P
                        Chris Potter         SS,TS
                        Drew Gress          B
                        Jack DeJohnette  D



Review by Steven Loewy
Any pianist who can attract the likes of drummer Jack DeJohnette and bassist Drew Gress as part of a trio, and is joined by chic saxophonist Chris Potter on a few tracks, must have something going for him. Antonio Faraò swings confidently on this set of original compositions, and although his playing is a tad derivative, there is no doubting his talent. The pianist fits in comfortably with his all-star colleagues, leaving little question that he has the ability to ride with the giants. His two-handed facility finds him equally at home with varied tempos and rhythmically challenging phrases. On the obstacle course he calls "Arabesco," the pianist marches forward, backtracks, and then continues his progression, following a scintillating improvisation by the often dazzling Chris Potter. On "B. E.," Faraò plays it pretty and gentle, but not too sweet. Unlike some Italian jazz modernists, Faraò does not add humor to the mix, and his compositions and solos do not covertly display the influences of his native land. Rather, his is a universal language that is as at home in Rome, Italy, as in New York City. While he adds little that is new, his solid technique and command should feel right at home anywhere on the globe; that is, where the universal language of modern azz is spoken.  

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