MAX ROACH
   Featuring the Legendary Hasaan

         Recording Date:
            December 4, 1964  tk 1,4,5  
            December 7, 1964 tk 2-3,6-7
              Hasaan Ibn Ali  P
              Art Davis         B
              Max Roach       D


Review by Scott Yanow
Pianist Hasaan Ibn Ali only made one recording in his life, this trio set with drummer Max Roach and bassist Art Davis. A very advanced player whose style fell somewhere between Thelonious Monk and Cecil Taylor (with hints of Herbie Nichols), Hasaan actually had a rather original sound. His performances of his seven originals on this set (a straight CD reissue of a long out-of-print LP) are intense, somewhat virtuosic and rhythmic, yet often melodic in a quirky way. This is a classic of its kind and it is fortunate that it was made, but it is a tragedy that Hasaan would not record again and that he would soon sink back into obscurity.

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