DON BYAS
       Tribute to Cannonball
               Recording Date:
                   December 15, 1961

                   Don Byas           TS
                   Kenny Clarke      D
                   Pierre Michelot   B
                   Bud Powell         P 
                   Idrees Sulieman  TP


Review by Scott Yanow
The title of this album is misleading for, although Cannonball Adderley produced the session, no "tribute" takes place. Adderley could always recognize talent and he was wise to get the veteran tenor Don Byas (who had not recorded since 1955) back on record. Teamed in Paris with trumpeter Idrees Sulieman, pianist Bud Powell, bassist Pierre Michelot and drummer Kenny Clarke, Byas proved to be in prime form on a variety of jazz standards including "Just One of Those Things," "Cherokee" and "Jeannine." This set has also been reissued on CD under Bud Powell's name.

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