DEXTER GORDON
         Live at the Village Vanguard
             Recording Date: 
                 December 11-12, 1976

                Dexter Gordon   TS 
                Louis Hayes        D 
                Stafford James   B
                Ronnie Mathews  P 
                Woody Shaw  TP,FG,TS 


Review by Scott Yanow
The acclaim that met Dexter Gordon when he returned to the United States after 14 years in Europe was completely unexpected. Not only did the jazz critics praise the great tenor but there were literally lines of young fans waiting to see his performances. This double CD, recorded during his historic first American tour, improved on the original double LP with the inclusion of previously unreleased versions of "Fried Bananas" and "Body and Soul." Gordon in a quintet with trumpeter Woody Shaw, pianist Ronnie Mathews, bassist Stafford James and drummer Louis Hayes frequently sounds exuberant on these lengthy performances; all ten songs are at least 11 minutes long. The excitement of the period can definitely be felt in this excellent music.

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