BOOKER ERVIN

            Recording Date:
                 November 26, 1960

                Booker Ervin       TS
                Horace Parlan      P
                Dannie Richmond D
                George Tucker     B
                Richard Williams  TP


Amazon Review:
Before Booker Ervin joined the Prestige label in the mid-60s, he cut these sides for Savoy in November 1960. Joining Booker on this session are Richard Williams on trumpet, Horace Parlan (whom he collaborated with for Blue Note) on piano, George Tucker on bass and longtime Mingus associate Dannie Richmond on drums. The album's material consists of four Ervin originals and two standards, "You Don't Know What Love Is" and "Autumn Leaves." In terms of the quality of the album, "Cookin'" is definitely a cut below his various "Books" for Prestige (see my reviews of most of them), but is better than your average Savoy title. I think this is because unlike many musicians who came into Savoy studios to pick up some spare cash, Ervin didn't have other record contracts, and seems to put in a bit more effort than your typical blowing session as a result. Those new to Booker Ervin would be best served starting with "The Blues Book" or "The Space Book," but those familiar with the tenor saxophonist will thoroughly enjoy "Cookin'."

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