KAI WINDING
  Incredible Kai Winding

           Recording Date:
                 Nov. 17, 1960 tk 6,10
                 Nov. 21, 1960 tk 1,4,5
                 Nov. 23, 1960 tk 2-3

             Kai Winding    TB
             Ross Tompkins P tk 1-6,10
             Al Beldini        D tk 1-6,10 
             Bob Cranshaw  B tk 1-6,10
            Tony Studd   BTB tk1-6,10  
             Eph Resnick    TB tk 6,10 

  Johnny Messner  TB tk 1-5
              Michael Olatunji CNG tk 1,4,5
              Ray Sterling Mell tk tk 1-5

Review by Scott Yanow
After the J.J. Johnson-Kai Winding Quintet broke up in 1956, Kai Winding formed a four-trombone septet of his own which he led on a fairly regular basis through 1967. This Impulse set was probably the group's best-known recording. Seven standards (including "Speak Low," "Doodlin'" and "Bye Bye Blackbird") and three of Winding's basic originals are played by the band with solos allocated not only to Kai but pianists Ross Tompkins and Bill Evans along with guest conga player Olatunji. Fine straightahead music obviously most enjoyed by listeners who like the sound of trombones.

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