HORACE SILVER
       6 Pieces of Silver

           Recording Date:
               November 10, 1956

               Donald Byrd    TP 
               Junior Cook    TS 
               Louis Hayes     D 
               Hank Mobley   TS 
               Horace Silver  P 
               Gene Taylor    B 
               Doug Watkins  B 


Review by Scott Yanow
The first classic album by the Horace Silver Quintet, this CD is highlighted by "Señor Blues" (heard in three versions, including a later vocal rendition by Bill Henderson) and "Cool Eyes." The early Silver quintet was essentially the Jazz Messengers of the year before (with trumpeter Donald Byrd, tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, and bassist Doug Watkins, while drummer Louis Hayes was in Blakey's place), but already the band was starting to develop a sound of its own. "Señor Blues" officially put Horace Silver on the map.

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