DIZZY GILLESPIE
                     Cognac Blues

                     Recording Date:
                           March 25, 1952
                    Theatre Des Champs-Elysees

                          Dizzy Gillespie       TP, VO
                          Don Byas               TS
                          Art Simmons          P
                          Joe Benjamin         B
                          Bill Clark                D
                          Humberto Morales  CG

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Classic early European material by Dizzy Gillespie – recorded in Paris in the early 50s, and featuring backing by players that include Don Byas, Wade Legge, Jean-Jacques Tilche, and Bill Clark. The groove runs from straight bop to swing, with touches of Cubop in the mix, thanks to conga work by Humberto Canto Morales. There's a total of 21 tracks in all – and this is the best-ever compilation of the material we've ever seen, especially as much of it was issued on smaller eps, and always gets cast over different sets when it comes out. Titles include "Cognac Blues", "Sabla Y Blu", "Lullaby In Rhythm", "Blue Moon", "Mama's Blues", "Taking A Chance On Love", and "Moon Nocturne". 

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