RED GARLAND
                       Soul Burnin'

                        July 15, 1960  tk 3-5
                             Red Garland  P
                             Sam Jones    B
                             Art Taylor     D

                        March 16, 1961  tk 1, 6
                             Richard Williams TP
                             Oliver Nelson      TS, AS
                             Red Garland        P
                             Peck Morrison     B
                             Charlie Persip     D

              LINK RETIRED

Review by Scott Yanow
The music on this CD reissue is drawn from three separate Red Garland sessions but had not been previously put out on CD. Best are two selections ("On Green Dolphin Street" and "If You Could See Me Now") that find the pianist, bassist Peck Morrison and drummer Charlie Persip being joined by Oliver Nelson (on alto and tenor) and trumpeter Richard Williams; the horns in particular are quite inventive during their solos. Three numbers (two standards plus "Soul Burnin'") have Garland, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Arthur Taylor in more conventional but pleasing form, while the spirited closer ("A Little Bit of Basie") matches the pianist with bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Specs Wright. Fine music that will be enjoyed by straight-ahead jazz fans, although (due to the availability of so many Red Garland sessions) this CD is not essential.

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