ZOOT SIMS
                     Body and Soul

                         Recording Date:
                              March 23, 1973

                             Jaki Byard          P 
                             Al Cohn              TS
                             George Duvivier B
                             Mel Lewis           D
                             Zoot Sims          SS, TS
                           LINK RETIRED

Reviewby Scott Yanow
Other than a couple of albums for tiny collector's labels, this Muse album was Al Cohn's first album as a leader since 1962. Cohn had spent much of the interim as a full-time writer for studios and was finally returning to active playing. He renewed his musical partnership with Zoot Sims on this quintet date for Muse, which also includes pianist Jaki Byard, bassist George Duvivier and drummer Mel Lewis. Cohn and Sims still had very complementary sounds and personalities, so their collaboration on Body and Soul [Muse] holds its own against their earlier dates. Zoot switches to soprano on "Jean"; Cohn is in top form on "Body and Soul." and the three-song "Brazilian Medley" works quite well. This is pleasing and frequently lyrical music.

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