MAY 27

                 PAT MARTINO
                  Night Wings

                        Recording Date: 
                            May 27, 1994

                            Marc Johnson      B 
                            Robert Kenmotsu TS
                            Pat Martino         G
                            James Ridl          P 
                            Bill Stewart         D 


Review by Robert Taylor
Recorded for Muse only a couple of months after Interchange and a few months before The Maker, the similarities in the recordings are evident. His connection with James Ridl is obvious and continued Martino's penchant for creative relationships with pianists, namely Eddie Green and Gil Goldstein. For this session, Bob Kenmotsu was added on tenor saxophone, and his unison lines with Martino are one of the many highlights here. Once again, Ridl is allowed ample space to explore his thoughtful ideas, especially on the excellent "Villa Hermosa." Martino favors a more-is-more approach here, a welcome change for fans of his earlier recordings. His chops are on full display on "Draw Me Down" and "Night Wings," but his experience prevents his impressive technique from being gratuitous or overbearing. Martino and Ridl couldn't be in better hands than with bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Bill Stewart, who are also supplied with enough space to showcase their remarkable talents. This fine session has been reissued, along with Interchange, as part of the double CD Mission Accomplished, which is the better value and the recommended choice.

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