MAY 17

                BOOKER LITTLE
              Out Front

             Recording Date:
                 April  4, 1961 tk 2,4,6
                 March 17, 1961 tk 1,3,7

                 Booker Little    TP
                 Julian Priester  TB
                 Eric Dolphy      AS,BCL,FL
                 Don Friedman   P
                 Art Davis          B  tk 1,3,7
                 Ron Carter       B 
                 Max Roach       D,Tim,VB


Review by Scott Yanow
Booker Little was the first trumpet soloist to emerge in jazz after the death of Clifford Brown to have his own sound. His tragically brief life (he died at age 23 later in 1961) cut short what would have certainly been a major career. Little, on this sextet date with multi-reedist Eric Dolphy, trombonist Julian Priester, and drummer Max Roach, shows that his playing was really beyond bebop. His seven now-obscure originals (several of which deserve to be revived) are challenging for the soloists and there are many strong moments during these consistently challenging and satisfying performances.

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