RED GARLAND
         Red's Good Groove

                Recording Date:
                      March 22, 1962

                     Red Garland      P
                     Blue Mitchell     TP
                     Pepper Adams   BS
                     Sam Jones         B
                     Philly Joe Jones D   


Review By  S.J. Buck.
Recorded in 1962, this is a laid back affair thats worth getting if you're a keen fan of swinging Jazz. Amazingly this album was only remastered in 2001 and its already out of print in the UK. Red Garland of course most famously worked with Miles Davis and here he's in top form backed by the classy musicians above. Its great to hear the the sadly underused baritone Sax. What a beautiful sound it makes. My favourite track is the lovely version of Gershwins marvellous "Love Is Here To Stay". A great song and a superb version.

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