BOBBY  HACKETT
                Creole Cookin'

                  Recording Date:
                     March 13, 1967   tk2,3,7
                     January 30, 1967 tk 6,10
                     February 2, 1967 tk 1,8,11
                     May 2, 1967        tk 4,5,9

                    Bobby Hackett    CT
                    Rusty Dedrick      TP
                    Jimmy Maxwell    TP
                    Bob Brookmeyer  TB
                    Lou McGarity       TB
                    Bob Wilber        CL,AS
                    Jerry Dodgion      AS
                    Zoot Sims           TS
Pepper Adams     VB
Dave McKenna  P
Wayne Wright  G
Buddy Jones     B
Morey Feld       D

A Hackett must-have – this Verve LP features the arrangements and clarinet/soprano sax playing of Bob Wilbur. Bobby is backed up by a modern big band consisting of a dozen top NYC session men, and his playing has never been better. The recording quality is first-rate – but note that the record was released in mono and stereo versions. Hold out for the latter if you can, and listen with headphones! I hope this somewhat obscure LP is released to CD someday. For now, Ebay is probably your best opportunity to find a copy, as with any other Hackett record album.

This long-out-of-print LP contains one of his finest all-around recordings. The cornetist is featured on 11 Dixieland standards and joined by a 15-piece all-star band arranged by Bob Wilber; Wilber and tenor great Zoot Sims also receive some solo space on this essential release which is well deserving of reissue on CD.
Scott Yanow

01 High Society    (Steele)   2:09
02 Tin Roof Blues     (Rappolo, Mares, Brunies, Pollack)   4:40
03 When The Saints Go Marching In     (Traditional)   2:52
04 Basin Street Blues     (Williams)   3:54
05 Fidgety Feet     (LaRocca, Shields)   2:20
06 Royal Garden Blues     (C & S Williams)   2:48
07 Muskrat Ramble     (Ory)   2:31
08 Original Dixieland One Step     (LaRocca)   2:12
09 New Orleans     (Carmichael)   3:00
10 Lazy Mood     (Mercer, Miller)   2:52
11 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans     (Alter, DeLange)   3:01
Recorded at A & R Studios and Capitol Studios, New York, on January 30, March 13 & May 2, 1967
Bobby Hackett - Creole Cookin'  (Verve V/V6 8698)
Bobby Hackett (cor) Rusty Dedrick, Jimmy Maxwell (tp) Bob Brookmeyer, Lou McGarity (tb) Bob Wilber (cl, as) Jerry Dodgion (as) Zoot Sims (ts) Pepper Adams (bars) Dave McKenna (p) Wayne Wright (g) Buddy Jones (b) Morey Feld (d)
NYC, January 30, 1967
102020 Lazy Mood 
102023 Royal Garden Blues 
Brookmeyer plays (vtb). Cutty Cutshall (tb) replaces McGarity
NYC, February 2, 1967
102730 High Society 
102731 Original Dixieland One-Step 
102732 Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans 
Brookmeyer plays (tb)
NYC, March 13, 1967
102308 Tin Roof Blues 
102309 Muskrat Ramble 
102311 When The Saints Go Marching In 
Brookmeyer plays (vtb). add Joe Farrell (ts)
NYC, May 2, 1967
102733 Basin Street Blues 
102734 Fidgety Feet 
102744 New Orleans 
102745 To Miss New Orleans

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