JAMES CARTER
        Conversin' with the Elders
            Recording Date:
               February 5, 1996    tk 2,4,7  
               January 30, 1996    tk 3,5,6,8
               October 2, 1995     tk 1,9 

               James Carter BS,B,CL,AS,TS
               Jaribu Shahid    B
               Tani Tabbal       D
               Craig Taborn     P

               Larry Smith      AS      tk 2
               Hamiet Bluiett  BS      tk 4,7
               Lester Bowie   TP       tk 1,9
               Sweets Edison TP       tk 3,6
                Buddy Tate     CL,TS  tk 5,8


Review by Scott Yanow
The brilliant saxophonist James Carter and his quartet (which also includes pianist Craig Taborn, bassist Jaribu Shahid and drummer Tani Tabbal) welcome some of Carter's musical heroes as guests throughout Conversin' with the Elders. Carter matches wits with the eccentric trumpeter Lester Bowie on "Freereggaehibop" and the often-hilarious "Atitled Valse"; he also features the legendary (but rarely recorded) Detroit altoist Larry Smith on "Parker's Mood," showcases Count Basie veterans Harry "Sweets" Edison and Buddy Tate on two swing standards apiece (Tate's work on clarinet during "Blue Creek" is memorable), and interacts with baritonist Hamiet Bluiett on "Naima" and an Anthony Braxton march. Switching between tenor, alto, baritone and bass clarinet, Carter makes each of his guests feel at home while pushing them to stretch themselves. A consistently colorful and generally swing-oriented set.

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