CLIFFORD BROWN
                      MAX ROACH
                   Study in Brown
                    Recording Date:
                         February 23, 1955 tk 3-4,7,9
                         February 24, 1955 tk 5,8
                         February 25, 1955 tk 1,2,6

                         Clifford Brown   TP
                         Harold Land       TS
                         George Morrow  B
                         Richie Powell     P
                         Max Roach         D



Review by Scott Yanow
This CD reissue features the 1955 version of the Clifford Brown/Max Roach Quintet, a group also including tenor-saxophonist Harold Land, pianist Richie Powell and bassist George Morrow. One of the premiere early hard bop units, this band had unlimited potential. Highlights of this set are "Cherokee" (during which trumpeter Brownie is brilliant), "Swingin"' and "Sandu." All of the group's recordings (which have been included in the Clifford Brown ten-CD box set) are well worth acquiring.

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