HORACE SILVER
               Silver N Wood

                 Recording Date:
                      January 2-3, 1976

                     Tom Harrell   TP
                     Bob Berg        TS
                     Horace Silver  P
                     Ron Carter      B
                     Al Foster         D


Garnett Brown  TB
Buddy Collette FL
Fred Jackson   FL,PCC
Jerome Richardson SS
Lanny Morgan   AS
Jack Nimitz    VB,FL
Bill Green     BS,FL
Frank Rosolino TB
Wade Marcus    TB

Review by Scott Yanow
The second of five LPs that find Horace Silver's Quintet (which by 1976 featured trumpeter Tom Harrell and tenor-saxophonist Bob Berg) augmented by a group of other players, this set has six reeds and two trombones, giving Silver more tone colors to work with than usual. The two sidelong works ("The Tranquilizer Suite" and "The Process of Creation Suite") are not all that memorable but the music overall (helped out by strong solos) is typical Silver hard bop.

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