ROY HARGROVE
         With Tenors of Our Time

              Recording Date:
                  December 18, 1993 tk 3,4,7
                  December 28, 1993 tk 2,6
                 January 16-17, 1994 tk 1,5,8,10

                 Cyrus Chestnut     P
                 Rodney Whitaker  B
                 Roy Hargrove       FG,TP
                 Gregory Hutchinson D
                 Ron Blake             SS,TS
                 Joe Henderson      TS  tk 5,8
                 Branford Marsalis  TS  tk 3
                 Joshua Redman     TS   tk 11
                 Stanley Turrentine TS tk 1,10
                                                                                                    Johnny Griffin TS   tk 2,6


Reviewby Scott Yanow
Trumpeter Roy Hargrove has the opportunity of a lifetime on this recording, sharing separate songs with five great tenors: Johnny Griffin, Joe Henderson, Branford Marsalis, Joshua Redman, and Stanley Turrentine. Everyone fares well, including Hargrove's group (Ron Blake on tenor and soprano, pianist Cyrus Chestnut, bassist Rodney Whitaker, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson). The young trumpeter (who is vying for Lee Morgan's unoccupied chair) keeps up with the saxophonists on this generally relaxed affair; recommended for hard bop fans.

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