In Pursuit of the 27th Man
       Recording Date:
          October 6, 1972 tk 1,3,5
          Nov. 10, 1972 tk 2,4,6-7

         Horace Silver     P
         Michael Brecker TS    tk1,3,5
         Randy Brecker    FG,TP
         Bob Cranshaw    B,G
         Mickey Roker     D
         Dave Friedman VB tk 2,4,6-7


Review by Scott Yanow
This obscure Horace Silver LP features two separate sessions by the pianist/composer. On three selections he is joined by trumpeter Randy Brecker, tenor great Michael Brecker, Bob Cranshaw on electric bass and drummer Mickey Roker. The other four numbers feature vibraphonist David Friedman in a quartet with Silver, Cranshaw and Roker, a very unusual sound for a Horace Silver set. But no matter what the instrumentation, the style is pure Silver, hard-driving and melodic hard bop with a strong dose of funky soul.

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