BENNY GOLSON
        New York Scene

          Recording Date:
               Oct 14, 1957  tk 2,4,7
               Oct 17, 1957  tk 1,3,5,6,8

               Paul Chambers   B
               Wynton Kelly      P 
               Charlie Persip    D
               Art Farmer        TP 
               Benny Golson     TS

Tracks 2,4,7
 Jimmy Cleveland TB                
 Gigi Gryce          AS  
 Sahib Shihab       BS  
 Julius Watkins     FH


Review by Scott Yanow
Benny Golson's debut as a leader was recorded at a time when he was better known as a composer than a tenor saxophonist. This album, reissued during the CD era with "B.G.'s Holiday" added to the original LP
program as a bonus track, features Golson in a quintet with fellow future Jazztet co-leader Art Farmer on trumpet, pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers, and drummer Charlie Persip on five selections, and with the same group plus four horns on three other songs. The set is most significant for including an early version of Golson's "Whisper Not" (which soon became a jazz standard) along with "Step Lightly," as well as for the leader's inventive and swinging arrangements; plus, there are some excellent solos from Golson and Farmer. Overall, this underrated gem served as a strong start to Benny Golson's influential solo career.

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