ART BLAKEY
          Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
                Recording Date:
                    June 13, 1961 tk 3,5
                    June 14, 1961 tk 1,2,4,6

                     Art Blakey              D
                     Curtis Fuller           TB 
                     Jymie Merritt         B
                     Lee Morgan            TP 
                     Wayne Shorter       TS
                     Robert H. Timmons P  


Review by Steven McDonald
An absolutely wonderful 1961 set from Blakey and company, who demonstrate here how to be note-perfect without leeching away the emotion of a performance. Aside from Blakey's divine drum work, the standouts include Jaymie Merritt's trippy bass fingerwork, and Wayne Shorter blowing his heart out on tenor sax. Beautifully remastered, well worth having in this edition.

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