BILLIE HOLIDAY
           Holiday and Lester Young Session

                   Recording Date:
                         June 1, 1937
                         Buck Clayton     TP
                         Buster Bailey     CL
                         Lester Young     TS
                         Teddy Wilson     P
                         Freddie Green    G
                         Walter Page       B
                         Jo Jones            D
 Billie Holiday     Vo

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This one goes straight in a medium tempo. Very pleasant. It is always a pleasure listen to Lester and Buck together.   Wilson & His Orchestra.

(MT 60) Foolin’ Myself Å Lester Young opens in a brilliant way then Wilson and Buck close the long introduction; Billie carries well this marvelous song by Tinturin, lyrics by Jack Lawrence (who also wrote Tenderly, years later)
(MT 61) Easy Living ÅÅ a delightful rendering.
(MT 62) I’ll Never Be the Same Å Wilson opens with a long solo and Billie takes over with Lester’s obbligati.

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