Denison-Kimball Trio
            Soul Machine
                  Recording Date:
                         August 3, 1994
                         May 19, 1994

                        Duane Denison   G
                        Reg Schrader     B
                        David Wm. Sims K
                        Ken Vandermark  S 


Review (As published in B-Side ... )
In a sense, Soul Machine is Denison/Kimball's real debut. Walls in the City captures many of the duo's strengths, but its functioning as the soundtrack to the Jim Sikora film of the same name inevitably limits the number of ways one can hear it.

"Duane pieced together things that were appropriate for different scenes in the movie,” says Kimball. “Then, when we were in the studio, we were actually watching the movie and playing to the action for about a third of the record.”
He prefers Soul Machine’s wider sonic variety.
"It’s a lot more well rounded. We had extra musicians play--keyboards on one song, sax on one song, and bass on one song. The first one's kind of themey soundtrack music. Soul Machine has some soft stuff and some more aggressive stuff that's almost rockin'."

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